Male , 67 , seeking Female
Melbourne, Vic
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Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religion: Other

Profession: Administrative

About Me: I would be pleased to meet a mature female penpal. I have too many male mates! I am a young at heart and in spirit 67 year old Aussie I have been around young people all my life which has given me a younger perspective on doing life I am widower of 12 years. I would enjoy chatting to you about you and your country and anything you choose to talk about. I am only looking for online penpal to exchange thoughts ideas here and explore any of each others interests. I will always askr fo video chat skype or hangouts, only because scammers never will video chat unless they have locked in a cycling video which is not live and is most likely some bimbo stolen porn freak. I haven't posted a picture of myself because, a copy was made one time and it turned up on an unsavoury website. If you want to take the time right click on any image you have doubts about and then hit google image search. You will be surprised how many scammers come up and the same image will appear on multiple websites under a different name. Video chat solves that and can exchange photos privately. I am happy to chat on ... ... skype ... I would be pleased to chat online anytime about any subject you choose. Its easy to accept contact and easier to block contact. I have no concerns about either. I have have a flirtatious personality and sense of adventure and fun. Let me know if you are interested in an online friendship with this Aussie male I trust this encourages the honest & good people who also want an online penpal. I am not looking to meet face to face or find a wife or sending or receiving cash. Perhaps this will deter the scammers Contact me please if you find something in common with my profile Jon

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Huggyme67 > leoj123455joel: I have know problem with chatting with you via Skype. I know to well about scammers and their trickery. As you know I live in Canada and I love my country and think I'm darn lucky to be living here in this time of turmoil in the world.
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